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Simple Socks, Plain & Fancy

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Simple Socks, Plain & Fancy
by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts
March 2004
Nomad Press
ISBN 0-9668289-4-1
112 pages, 105 b/w illustrations, softcover, $14.95

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“This book is great for beginning to advanced sock knitters, especially aspiring sock knitters.”
—Linda Cyr, Knitter’s

With only two measurements (or the chart in Chapter 1), knitters can make customized socks. The unusual (and easy) heel- and toe-shaping method works fantastically well, with intriguing and endless individual design possibilities.

If you liked Knitting in the Old Way and Ethnic Socks and Stockings, by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, you will love Simple Socks, Plain & Fancy! This is not an ordinary sock book, with patterns for you to reproduce. No, this empowers you to knit plain socks that fit or to discover a flair for fancy designs of your own invention.

Simple Socks presents the best-of-the-best from Priscilla’s research on both Western and Eastern sock-knitting traditions.

Clearly written and illustrated, with complete reference tables and step-by-step instructions (for both top-to-toe and toe-to-top knitting), Simple Socks offers a treasure trove of information for astute beginners as well as seasoned sock knitters. This book will delight generations to come.

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Summary table of contents:

1 Sock Sizing
2 Crew Socks: Top-to-Toe and Toe-to-Top
3 Design Inspirations and Considerations
  bulletSimple elegance exclusive to the short-row technique: contrasting color at heel and toe, horizontal stripes with bull’s-eye effect at heel and toe, vertical stripes that fold around heel and toe, vertical stripes on entire sock, combining the best of both worlds (Western and Eastern sock-knitting traditions).
bulletColor patterns: color-stranding, motif knitting, zigzag intarsia, true intarsia.
bulletTexture patterns: sculptured patterns, traveling stitches.
bulletLace patterns.
4 Making Socks Last
5 Beyond Socks to Mittens

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