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Not your average knitting books

Author bio notes: Priscilla Gibson-Roberts

Priscilla (often referred to as PGR) has been called a living treasure of the textile world. Library Journal says Priscilla has “led the current revival of techniques used by traditional fiber artisans.” She has dedicated her life to empowering contemporary knitters with the skills of their ancestors.

PGR has written a number of books, including:

  • Knitting in the Old Way: Designs and Techniques from Ethnic Sweaters (original edition, Interweave Press, 1985; revised and expanded edition, Nomad Press, 2004 hardcover and 2005 paperback)
  • Simple Socks, Plain and Fancy (Nomad Press, 2004 paperback and 2001 hardcover)
  • Spinning in the Old Way (Nomad Press, 2006), which is a completely reworked presentation of the material in the earlier High Whorling: A Spinner’s Guide to an Old World Skill (Nomad Press, 1998)
  • Ethnic Socks and Stockings (XRX, 1995)
  • Salish Indian Sweaters (Dos Tejedoras Fiber Arts, 1989), for which she is working on a revised and expanded edition with Nomad Press

Her work has been featured frequently in Interweave Knits, Vogue Knitting, Spin-Off, and Knitter’s magazines.

With a graduate degree in clothing and textiles from Purdue University, Priscilla has taught many workshops and college-level courses. At this point in her life, she doesn’t travel much to teach, but she continues to explore textiles and share her vision and discoveries through magazines and books.

She’s a marvelous cook and loves gardening, too.



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