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Riddle in the Mountain cover

Riddle in the Mountain

Author & illustrator information

Author Daryl Burkhard’s web site:

Illustrator Frank Riccio does not currently have a web site.

221 x 317 JPG cover

Please contact us if you would like a cover image in a specific format that we do not have posted or if there are additional materials we may be able to provide.



The Reading Tub: “The plot grabs the reader immediately. . . .” read more

Wands and Worlds: “As soon as this book arrived, I was so intrigued that I put aside what I was reading to start it. I wasn't disappointed. . . .Whether you like mystery, fantasy, or your tastes run towards historical fiction, there's something here for everyone. . . .” read more reviewer Deborah Carstensen: “Riddle in the Mountain is a great adventure. . . . I love the fact that the protagonist is a girl, brave, smart and resourceful. . . . [Burkhard] did a great job of researching her material. It’s fun and easy to read.” read more



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