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Riddle in the Mountain
by:  Daryl Burkhard
release date:  September 2005
ISBN-10:  0-9668289-5-X
ISBN-13:  978-0-9668289-5-5
price:  $16.95
format, page count:  hardcover, 240 pages

"You can hear me," he said. "See me too. One of you has the gift."
“It’s about time,” Frank said, as he stood by the spiked wrought-iron fence that guarded the front yard. “I thought you’d chicken out,” he added with a smirk.

“You wish,” Kathy shot back.

In fact, it was Kathy Henley who wished she had chickened out. More than anything, Kathy is afraid of the dark and midnight whispers-the ones that only she seems to hear. So how did she get talked into ghost-hunting in the middle of the night with her brother David and with Frank, his obnoxious new friend?

Maybe if all they had found was a ghost, things would have been different. Instead, they found something else-or something else found them. That’s when everything changed.

Suddenly it’s 1879 and Boulder, Colorado, is no longer a thriving city but a small, dusty town filled with horses, mules, and wagons. With no food or money, and wearing conspicuously modern clothes, the trio has only a riddle to help them-a riddle no one can fully remember, no matter how hard they try, that warns of an impending doom. Drawn into the mountains toward the deep-rock mining camps, they scramble to solve the riddle . . . and find a way home.



The Reading Tub: “The plot grabs the reader immediately. . . .” read more

Wands and Worlds: “As soon as this book arrived, I was so intrigued that I put aside what I was reading to start it. I wasn’t disappointed. . . .Whether you like mystery, fantasy, or your tastes run towards historical fiction, there’s something here for everyone. . . .” read more reviewer Deborah Carstensen: “Riddle in the Mountain is a great adventure. . . . I love the fact that the protagonist is a girl, brave, smart and resourceful. . . . [Burkhard] did a great job of researching her material. It’s fun and easy to read.” read more




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