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About Nomad Press


At Nomad Press in Colorado, we believe that knitters today have the same creativity and inventiveness as knitters have always had.  We want to nurture that creative spark by telling knitters how they can do it, not how they should do it. Our books explore the depth and breadth of traditional textile knowledge, and give contemporary knitters the tools to keep those traditions alive in their own work and to develop their own creativity.

Priscilla Gibson-Roberts founded Nomad Press to produce her books on traditional crafts the way she envisioned them. Deborah Robson and Rebekah Robson-May assumed responsibility for the press in 2003, and continue her dedication to traditional textile skills.

Traditional knitting skills aren’t the only thing we want to preserve, so Nomad Press is a member of the Green Press Initiative. We believe it’s possible to balance the highest production standards with environmental responsibility, and weigh every decision to keep our footprint light. This is part of why our books look different than most of the knitting books you’ll see.

No unsolicited submissions accepted. If you have an idea you think we’d be interested in, drop us an e-mail. However, please be aware that we work very far ahead—our current schedule has us booked for the next three years.

See Books and Ordering for additional practical details. Feel free to e-mail us at nomad @ nomad-press . com if you have any questions about Nomad.




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