Deborah Robson

Fiber-lovers: yes, this is the place!

Photo of Deborah Robson, taken by Kristi Schueler
Photo by Kristi Schueler

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Do you love making things by hand—especially textiles? Maybe you knit, have learned to spin (or want to), weave, and/or crochet or knot or do bobbin lace. . . . You like natural fibers. You want to worry less and experiment more confidently. You would rather be at a fiber festival or in a yarn shop than at a sporting event (when you do watch sports, you take your knitting). You have questions, like "just what is cashgora?" or "why did this yarn pill?" (Those questions are complicated, but there are answers.)

If that paragraph describes part of your world, you’re probably in the right place.

I’m Deborah Robson, and I’ve been asking questions about fibers (and digging up answers) for a long time. I love sharing what I’ve learned, as well as the questions I’m still working on (for some of which no one has the answers yet). There’s more detailed information on my background on the About page.

In short, I write, teach, and explore topics relating to natural fibers. I have a special fondness for rare-breed sheep and their wool. (I also do freelance editing and publish books on traditional and ethnic knitting and spinning.)

I believe that we can enjoy life more and do a lot to make the world a better place (maybe even save the environment, build world peace, and nurture our own spirits and hearts) by deepening our awareness of, appreciation for, and appropriate use of natural fibers.

If you think so, too, you’ll find lots of resources on this site. Check out the print and video pages and the calendar of when and where I’m teaching.

Here's to lots of enjoyment with fiber adventures!

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